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Gigant 3D pixies
A4 instruction leaflet with Giant 3d pixies.
Level 4 of 7
These Giant gnomes are made with the same technique as the small plain 3d pixies in the book 24 pixies and 117 things, but here we have made them double in size with 10 mm strips.
The instruction contains fine 1: 1 photos with measures etc.
Three different kinds of pixies in height 25 cm and 19 cm.
But you will need the book with 24 pixies if you do not have it already.

You also need
10 mm strips in peach, Lampone, red checkert, pistacchio
25 mm in light brown, butter

Book: art no. 87210

form Finger
3 mm tape
paper glue
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Gigant 3D pixies

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Quilling is a technique that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs.

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